Why we created this site

Starting to create your own beer can be scary, but once you start homebrewing, there is no stopping you!

It's those first steps, those first steps are the hardest, knowing what equipment to buy, the processes involved.

Even knowing how to get the desired result, if you google for guides you'll find lots of complicated numbers and charts, that's just too much for the beginner, that first time homebrewer.

So we created this site to help you the first time homebrewer, to help you from knowing nothing to becoming an expert in your own homebrew game.

We'll show you how to create all different types of beer from IPA to stout and everything in between. Now that's quite some undertaking, so we've asked thebrewerscircle.com to help us, as they are experts in taking beginners homebrewers, to master homebrewers and they love it.

They're like us, they love to homebrew, to show friends and family their newest creation.

BBQ's are always fun, having your friends try out your own beer, showing them exactly what you've been up to, trust us, they'll be envious and you'll find that your BBQ's are the most popular ones out of all of your friends.

So we started this site, to make you master homebrewers.