Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do I have to use a secondary

No, it's not something you absolutely have to do, in fact many home brewers make perfectly good brews without using a secondary. That said you beer will be much better if you do use a secondary, you may have heard that a secondary is all about clarity, it's not though a secondary does help add to the clarity of your beer, one of the main jobs that the secondary does is to remove the "off" flavors from your beer.

2) Is it safe and legal to brew your own homebrew

Yes! Yes it is. It's both safe and legal to brew your own homebrew at home. However in some countries it is illegal to distil your alcohol afterwards. But don't worry about that as we don't teach you how to distil. You'll find that not only is it safe to brew your own homebrew, it can be actually safer than drinking the commercially produced beer, why? Because everything you use will be organic, non of those artificial preservatives.

3) I drank some of the yeast, am I going to die

OMG! Sit down, I'm sorry to break this to you, but your hair is about to turn ginger.. ok I kid I kid! Actually it's perfectly safe and actually very good for you as yeast is high in the essential nutrients and it's even sold in health food shops, so year it's perfectly ok to drink some and no you aren't going to die (or turn ginger, unless you are ginger like me... then well you rock!)