I dreamt about how is beer made.


how is beer made - lineup
how is beer made - lineup

So there I was laid in my bed, settling down for a night of decent slumber. Little did I know that I would shortly be dreaming about how is beer made.

It all started with myself and my friends hunting down the perfect pint, to bystanders it made have seemed like we were on a pub crawl, but no! They'd be wrong, we were tired of the "commercial" pint, that lacklustre tasting beer, mass produced and with no personality.

We began in my dream by trying the typical commercial beer, let's be honest we were all unimpressed. We've tasted this boring uninteresting beer before, time and time again. From that moment we vowed never to drink the commercial filth again!

Thus, we moved onto the craft ales, those beautifully named ales, made in small batches. You could tell that these were made with love, that the person brewing these amazing beers cared about what came out, they cared about the opinion of the person drinking their produce.

Now at this point the dream went a little weird, as we were finishing off a dark ale by the name "Goblins Bane", a small goblin appeared, thrust it's sword into the air shouting "Follow me to glory" being semi drunk individuals at this this, we followed the Goblin without question, out of this pub and into another building, it was like a scene out of harry potter, suddenly the houses split and this old timey pub appeared. I don't know why but we were completely unphased. We just followed the goblin into the pub.

One of my friends went straight to the bar to order the first of many craft beers that were on show, suddenly the goblin charged, slapped my friend with back of his sword, then threatened the bar keep, "don't you dare pull that pint, we're here for the homebrew!"

The bar keep gave the goblin a stern look, then pulled the tap on an beer that had run out, you know the ones, where the beer's tag has been turned around on the tap, so you know not to order. Suddenly where the spirits once sat, the wall parts and an entranceway is revealed, the room was filled with carboy's fermenting away. 

how is beer made - carboys
how is beer made - carboys

These carboys were filled with a variety of different homebrews, from light colored ales, all the way down the spectrum, to ales so dark you can't see through to the other side of the carboy.

I was witnessing the finished beer's being crafted, the goblin, had led us to the gates of heaven. The goblin ushered us onwards, towards the back of the room, passing by the carboys, onwards past various buckets containing different mashes, Then through rooms where the malt was being heated to different levels. 

how is beer made - bottle wall
how is beer made - bottle wall

Finally, after what seemed like an age, we entered a cool room, a room filled floor to ceiling with dark brown bottles, I reached out for one, instantly the goblin screeched, I withdrew my hand. Ushered on once more, we continued walking passed stacks of bottles over and over, each with it's own unique labels, "badgers rear end", "Ogre's delight", "Nerds Revenge", "Sissy Sizzler" and so on.

Eventually we can to the end, a solid metal door awaited us, within a flash of a second the goblin had heaved this heavy door open and was directing us into this sacred chamber.

Inside we found a secret brew, a brew not like the others. Bottle conditioned homebrew, made with love and care. The goblin passed out a bottle to each of us, I turned the bottle around to see the label, the home brew beer was labelled "The Goblin Kings Mind Melter", interesting name I thought.

Within a flash the goblin had popped the caps off of the bottles, we raised the bottles to our lips and as soon as the first drop of this beer hit our lips, well it was like an awakening, suddenly we knew that no other beer would compare, that this was the perfect beer. My mind, my taste buds were alive, awakened by this perfect ale. 

how is beer made - different beers
how is beer made - different beers

I exclaimed to my friends that this must be the best ale that I've ever tasted, dark, chocolately, with a hint of spice. My friends looked at me confused?!?

Dark? Mines light, crisp, like a cold winter's morning.

Ale? Said another, mines a beautiful cool lager, the best lager I've ever tasted.

It was then that I turned to the goblin confused, he just looked and confidently proclaimed, "The perfect beer, whether an ale or a lager, comes down to personal taste, the only way to get your perfect beer is by following the path of the homebrewer".

It was at that moment, that I awakened, I sat up, covered in sweat, a hint of that perfect ale still on my pallet, I had to know how is beer made, how can I create the perfect ale.

I reached for my phone frantically, as I went to my browser suddenly I was compelled, I suddenly I knew, I knew the perfect site, the site that was going to reveal the secrets of homebrew to me, without thought I let my fingers type out the address to this website.

Within seconds I had the answer, I was guided to equipment and guides I needed to create the perfect beer. The site, if you are wondering was The Brewers Circle.

That very day, I embarked on my homebrewing journey with the help of https://thebrewerscircle.com I was determined to recreate that perfect ale. To date I haven't managed it, but with each batch I'm getting closer and closer. 

You may not have such an exciting and vivid dream as I did, but if you want to find that perfect beer for you, then perhaps you should look into brewing your own home brew, head over to https://thebrewerscircle.com where you'll find all you need to ensure your first home brew beer is a success.