How is Beer Made at Home and at Industries?


Beer is one of the most popular drinks that is consumed, others being water and tea. The process of producing beer is called as brewing. How is beer made? The main process involved in the making of beer, is the fermentation of barley. Barley is the cereal that is used in making beer, though wheat, rice and corn may also be used instead of barley. To add a tinge of bitterness to the flavor and to serve the purpose of a preservative, hops are added. Beer is available in bars and pubs and is consumed in countries all around the globe. They are available in cans and bottles. Beer has been prepared right from when farming and growing crops were started in the ancient ages. People have learned to know how is beer made right from many centuries ago. This is not a new industry, but has been handed down over the years, from generation to generation. There are many industries that are famous for their brand of beer. But homemade beer, when made in the right procedure, can out beat other brands and flavor. By following the step by step procedure given by many websites and referring to our website, making beer will be an easy job that is simple and nourishing.

Beer Production in Industries

Fermentation occurs as the sugar content in the barley when soaked gives away a carbonated liquid which is fermented to produce beer. There are many companies that make beer. It is also a multinational business. The beer is made in places called as breweries and companies producing beer have to be registered and companies have to pay taxes. When produced on a large scale basis, the malted barley is mixed with hot water in a mash tun. The hot water is stored separately in a tank and the malted barley in another container. Both the ingredients are mixed in the mash tun. This process is called as mashing where the starch in the barley gets converted into sugary syrup called as wort. The next process is sparging where the wort is separated from the water through filter frames by which only the finely grounded grist is collected. This is a continuous process, by which the second and third wash can also be obtained, which contains a weaker work producing a weaker beer. The next process is boiling, by which the water evaporates but the sugar and other enzymes remain. In this process, hop is added to provide the bitter flavor to the liquid. The yeast is added to help in fermentation. This process may take a week or a month which varies with the yeast and the beer strength. They are then filtered and packed in casks, cans or bottles. How is beer made, is a question that can be answered through a step by step process. To see more, you can look through our website mentioned here.

The Beer Industry

The brewing industry is an important industry in almost all countries with many multinational companies dominating the market. There are a number of domestic producers found, as regional breweries and brewpubs. Brewing beer at home is also a common practice in many countries though there are legislations on these practices too. The European countries such as England, Belgium, Germany and the Czech Republic are best known for their traditional beer. The industries which know how is beer made, by using the right ingredients in the right proportion, they are able to bring out the best product that is sought by many and helps these industries to establish a name for its brand. For more info, you can visit our website.

How is Beer Made at Home?

Learning to know how is beer made step by step is made very simple, so that anyone who knows the basics of cooking can easily follow it. The main ingredient that is used here is barley. The barley extract is boiled along with hops and water and the sugary syrup that is received is allowed to ferment with yeast to give you a delicious drink of beer that is ready for use, after it is fully fermented. Fermentation may take a week or two and once the waiting process is over, you can drink the homemade beer that has been specially made by you. There are various other processes that can be followed, that tell you how is beer made step by step. When you make it at home, you have to use sterilized objects as the beer can be relished even after many days and weeks. Beer made at home is definitely more hygienic than those bought from the shops. Adding customized flavor into the drink and the personalized proportion of malt and yeast, can give you the drink you desire, in the exact ratio that you prefer.

There is nothing very complicated in knowing how is beer made. It just involves a few simple steps that is easy to understand and follow. For more information, you can visit our website at If you click here, you can get all your queries clarified by looking through our website.

Kinds of Beer

The alcohol content in beer comes from the fermentation of sugar in the wort and the yeast that is used to ferment the wort. The yeast that is added comes in different varieties and each variety is unique. The most common varieties of yeast used are Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Saccharomyces Pastorianus. Wild yeasts were also used to produce lambics. However, pure cultured yeasts are used currently. Fermentable sugars are also added to increase the amount of alcohol content in the beer. The alcohol content by volume ranges from 3% to 14%, though the strength is sometimes increased to 20%. The yeast is then filtered before it is packed in bottles and cans. Beer can be taken at room temperature or at a cooler temperature. It is the preference of the person drinking beer to take it at room temperature or taking it chilled.